24 CFR § 963.10 - Eligible resident-owned businesses.

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§ 963.10 Eligible resident-owned businesses.

To be eligible for the alternative procurement process provided by this part, a business must meet the following requirements, and must submit evidence to the PHA, in the form described below, or as the PHA may require, that shows how each requirement has been met.

(a)Legally formed business. The business shall submit certified copies of any State, county, or municipal licenses that may be required of the business to engage in the type of business activity for which it was formed. Where applicable (as for example, in the case of corporations), the business also shall submit a certified copy of its corporate charter or other organizational document that verifies that the business was properly formed in accordance with State law.

(b)Resident-owned business. The business shall submit a certification that it is a resident-owned business as defined by this part. The business shall disclose to the PHA all owners of the business, and each owner's percentage of ownership interest in the business. The business also shall disclose all individuals who possess the power to make the day-to-day, as well as major, decisions on matters of management, policy, and operations ( management officials). The business shall identify all owners and management officials who are not public housing residents, and shall disclose any relationship that these owners and officials may have to a business (resident- or non-resident-owned) engaged in the type of business activity with which the resident-owned business is engaged. For purposes of this part, “relationship” means employment by, or having an ownership interest in, a business. The business also shall submit such evidence as the PHA may require to verify that the owner or owners identified as public housing residents reside within public housing of the PHA.

(c)Responsibility to complete contract. The business shall submit evidence sufficient to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the PHA that the business has the ability to perform successfully under the terms and conditions of the proposed contract. Consideration will be given to various factors, including but not limited to those identified in 24 CFR 85.36(b)(8) (as revised April 1, 2013) and also to such matters as proof of completion of courses in business administration or financial management, and proof of job training or apprenticeship in the particular trade, business, profession, or occupation.

(d)Limitation on alternative procurement contract awards. The business shall submit a certification as to the number of contracts awarded, and the dollar amount of each contract award received, under the alternative procurement process provided by this part. A resident-owned business is not eligible to participate in the alternative procurement process provided by this part if the resident-owned business has received under this process one or more contracts with a total combined dollar value of $1,000,000.

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