24 CFR § 964.105 - Role of the jurisdiction-wide resident council.

§ 964.105 Role of the jurisdiction-wide resident council.

(a) Jurisdiction-wide resident council. Resident councils may come together to form an organization which can represent the interest of residents residing in units under a HA's jurisdiction. This can be accomplished by the presidents of duly elected resident councils forming an organization, by resident councils electing a representative to the organization, or through jurisdiction-wide elections. If duly elected resident councils form such an organization, the HA shall recognize it as the voice of authority-wide residents for input into housing authority policy making.

(b) Function. The jurisdiction-wide council may advise the Board of Commissioners and executive director in all areas of HA operations, including but not limited to occupancy, general management, maintenance, security, resident training, resident employment, social services and modernization priorities.

(c) Cooperation with other groups. There shall be regularly scheduled meetings between the HA and the local duly elected resident council, and the jurisdiction-wide resident council to discuss problems, plan activities and review progress.