24 CFR § 964.150 - Funding tenant participation.

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§ 964.150 Funding tenant participation.

(a) Funding duly elected resident councils and jurisdiction wide resident councils.

(1) The HA shall provide funds it receives for this purpose to the duly elected resident council at each development and/or those jurisdiction-wide councils eligible to receive the resident portion of the tenant services account to use for resident participation activities. This shall be an addition to the Performance Funding System (PFS), as provided by 24 CFR part 990, to permit HAs to fund $25 per unit per year for units represented by duly elected resident councils for resident services, subject to the availability of appropriations. Of this amount, $15 per unit per year would be provided to fund tenant participation activities under subpart B of this part for duly elected resident councils and/or jurisdiction-wide councils and $10 per unit per year would be used by the HA to pay for costs incurred in carrying out tenant participation activities under subpart B of this part, including the expenses for conducting elections, recalls or arbitration required under § 964.130 in subpart B. This will guarantee the resources necessary to create a bona fide partnership among the duly elected resident councils, the HA and HUD. Where both local and jurisdiction-wide councils exist, the distribution will be agreed upon by the HA and the respective councils.

(2) If funds are available through appropriations, the HA must provide tenant services funding to the duly elected resident councils regardless of the HA's financial status. The resident council funds shall not be impacted or restricted by the HA financial status and all said funds must be used for the purpose set forth in subparts B and C of this part.

(3) The HA and the duly elected resident council at each development and/or those jurisdiction-wide councils shall collaborate on how the funds will be distributed for tenant participation activities. If disputes regarding funding decisions arise between the parties, the matter shall be referred to the Field Office for intervention. HUD Field Office shall require the parties to undertake further negotiations to resolve the dispute. If no resolution is achieved within 90 days from the date of the Field Office intervention, the Field Office shall refer the matter to HUD Headquarters for final resolution.

(b) Stipends.

(1) HUD encourages HAs to provide stipends to resident council officers who serve as volunteers in their public housing developments. The amount of the stipend, up to $200 per month/per officer, shall be decided locally by the resident council and the HA. Subject to appropriations, the stipends will be funded from the resident council's portion of the operating subsidy funding for resident council expenses ($15.00 per unit per year).

(2) Pursuant to § 913.106, stipends are not to be construed as salaries and should not be included as income for calculation of rents, and are not subject to conflict of interest requirements.

(3) Funding provided by a HA to a duly elected resident council may be made only under a written agreement between the HA and a resident council, which includes a resident council budget and assurance that all resident council expenditures will not contravene provisions of law and will promote serviceability, efficiency, economy and stability in the operation of the local development. The agreement must require the local resident council to account to the HA for the use of the funds and permit the HA to inspect and audit the resident council's financial records related to the agreement.