24 CFR § 964.7 - Definitions.

§ 964.7 Definitions.

Annual Contributions Contract (ACC). A contract (in the form prescribed by HUD) under which HUD agrees to provide financial assistance, and the HA agrees to comply with HUD requirements for the development and operation of the public housing project.

Eligible residents for FIC. A participating resident of a participating HA. If the HA is combining FIC with the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program, the term also means Public Housing FSS and Section 8 families participating in the FSS program. Although Section 8 FSS families are eligible residents for FIC, they do not qualify for income exclusions that are provided for public housing residents participating in employment and supportive service programs.

Family Investment Centers (FIC). A facility on or near public housing which provides families living in public housing with better access to educational and employment opportunities to achieve self-sufficiency and independence.

FIC service coordinator. Any person who is responsible for:

(1) Determining the eligibility and assessing needs of families to be served by the FIC;

(2) Assessing training and service needs of eligible residents;

(3) Working with service providers to coordinate the provision of services on a HA-wide or less than HA-wide basis, and to tailor the services to the needs and characteristics of eligible residents;

(4) Mobilizing public and private resources to ensure that the supportive services identified can be funded over the five-year period, at least, following the initial receipt of funding.

(5) Monitoring and evaluating the delivery, impact, and effectiveness of any supportive service funded with capital or operating assistance under the FIC program;

(6) Coordinating the development and implementation of the FIC program with other self-sufficiency programs, and other education and employment programs; and

(7) Performing other duties and functions that are appropriate for providing eligible residents with better access to educational and employment opportunities.

HA means the same as Public Housing Agency (PHA).

Management. All activities for which the HA is responsible to HUD under the ACC, within the definition of “operation” under the Act and the ACC, including the development of resident programs and services.

Management contract. A written agreement between a resident management corporation and a HA, as provided by subpart C.

Public Housing Agency (PHA) is defined in 24 CFR part 5.

Public housing development (Development). The term “development” has the same meaning as that provided for “low-income housing project” as that term is defined Section 3(b)(1) of the Act.

Resident management. The performance of one or more management activities for one or more projects by a resident management corporation under a management contract with the HA.

Resident management corporation. An entity that proposes to enter into, or enters into, a contract to manage one or more management activities of a HA.

Resident-owned business. Any business concern which is owned and controlled by public housing residents. (The term “resident-owned business” includes sole proprietorships.) For purposes of this part, “owned and controlled” means a business:

(1) Which is at least 51 percent owned by one or more public housing residents; and

(2) Whose management and daily business operations are controlled by one or more such individuals.

Supportive services for FIC. New or significantly expanded services that are essential to providing families living with children in public housing with better access to educational and employment opportunities to achieve self-sufficiency and independence.

Tenant Opportunities Program (TOP). The TOP program is designed to prepare residents to experience the dignity of meaningful work, to own and operate resident businesses, to move toward financial independence, and to enable them to choose where they want to live and engage in meaningful participation in the management of housing developments in which they live. Financial assistance in the form of technical assistance grants is available to RCs/RMCs to prepare to manage activities in their public housing developments.

Vacant unit under FIC. A dwelling unit that is not under an effective lease to an eligible family. An effective lease is a lease under which an eligible family has a right to possession of the unit and is being charged rent, even if the amount of any utility allowance equals or exceeds the amount of a total resident payment that is based on income and, as a result, the amount paid by the family to the HA is zero.

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