24 CFR § 966.5 - Posting of policies, rules and regulations.

§ 966.5 Posting of policies, rules and regulations.

Schedules of special charges for services, repairs and utilities and rules and regulations which are required to be incorporated in the lease by reference shall be publicly posted in a conspicuous manner in the Project Office and shall be furnished to applicants and tenants on request. Such schedules, rules and regulations may be modified from time to time by the PHA provided that the PHA shall give at least 30-day written notice to each affected tenant setting forth the proposed modification, the reasons therefor, and providing the tenant an opportunity to present written comments which shall be taken into consideration by the PHA prior to the proposed modification becoming effective. A copy of such notice shall be:

(a) Delivered directly or mailed to each tenant; or

(b) Posted in at least three (3) conspicuous places within each structure or building in which the affected dwelling units are located, as well as in a conspicuous place at the project office, if any, of if none, a similar central business location within the project.