24 CFR § 982.157 - Budget and expenditure.

§ 982.157 Budget and expenditure.

(a) Budget submission. Each PHA fiscal year, the PHA must submit its proposed budget for the program to HUD for approval at such time and in such form as required by HUD.

(b) PHA use of program receipts.

(1) Program receipts must be used in accordance with the PHA's HUD-approved budget. Such program receipts may only be used for:

(i) Housing assistance payments; and

(ii) PHA administrative fees.

(2) The PHA must maintain a system to ensure that the PHA will be able to make housing assistance payments for all participants within the amounts contracted under the consolidated ACC.

(c) Intellectual property rights. Program receipts may not be used to indemnify contractors or subcontractors of the PHA against costs associated with any judgment of infringement of intellectual property rights.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2577-0169)
[60 FR 34695, July 3, 1995, as amended at 60 FR 45661, Sept. 1, 1995; 64 FR 26642, May 14, 1999]

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