24 CFR § 982.517 - Utility allowance schedule.

§ 982.517 Utility allowance schedule.

(a) Maintaining schedule.

(1) The PHA must maintain a utility allowance schedule for all tenant-paid utilities (except telephone), for cost of tenant-supplied refrigerators and ranges, and for other tenant-paid housing services (e.g., trash collection (disposal of waste and refuse)).

(2) The PHA must give HUD a copy of the utility allowance schedule. At HUD's request, the PHA also must provide any information or procedures used in preparation of the schedule.

(b) How allowances are determined.

(1) The utility allowance schedule must be determined based on the typical cost of utilities and services paid by energy-conservative households that occupy housing of similar size and type in the same locality. In developing the schedule, the PHA must use normal patterns of consumption for the community as a whole and current utility rates.


(i) A PHA's utility allowance schedule, and the utility allowance for an individual family, must include the utilities and services that are necessary in the locality to provide housing that complies with the housing quality standards. However, the PHA may not provide any allowance for non-essential utility costs, such as costs of cable or satellite television.

(ii) In the utility allowance schedule, the PHA must classify utilities and other housing services according to the following general categories: space heating; air conditioning; cooking; water heating; water; sewer; trash collection (disposal of waste and refuse); other electric; refrigerator (cost of tenant-supplied refrigerator); range (cost of tenant-supplied range); and other specified housing services. The PHA must provide a utility allowance for tenant-paid air-conditioning costs if the majority of housing units in the market provide centrally air-conditioned units or there is appropriate wiring for tenant-installed air conditioners.

(3) The cost of each utility and housing service category must be stated separately. For each of these categories, the utility allowance schedule must take into consideration unit size (by number of bedrooms), and unit types (e.g., apartment, row-house, town house, single-family detached, and manufactured housing) that are typical in the community.

(4) The utility allowance schedule must be prepared and submitted in accordance with HUD requirements on the form prescribed by HUD.

(c) Revisions of utility allowance schedule.

(1) A PHA must review its schedule of utility allowances each year, and must revise its allowance for a utility category if there has been a change of 10 percent or more in the utility rate since the last time the utility allowance schedule was revised. The PHA must maintain information supporting its annual review of utility allowances and any revisions made in its utility allowance schedule.

(2) At HUD's direction, the PHA must revise the utility allowance schedule to correct any errors, or as necessary to update the schedule.

(d) Use of utility allowance schedule. The PHA must use the appropriate utility allowance for the lesser of the size of dwelling unit actually leased by the family or the family unit size as determined under the PHA subsidy standards. In cases where the unit size leased exceeds the family unit size as determined under the PHA subsidy standards as a result of a reasonable accommodation, the PHA must use the appropriate utility allowance for the size of the dwelling unit actually leased by the family.

(e) Higher utility allowance as reasonable accommodation for a person with disabilities. On request from a family that includes a person with disabilities, the PHA must approve a utility allowance which is higher than the applicable amount on the utility allowance schedule if a higher utility allowance is needed as a reasonable accommodation in accordance with 24 CFR part 8 to make the program accessible to and usable by the family member with a disability.

(Information collection requirements contained in this section have been approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2577–0169.)
[63 FR 23861, Apr. 30, 1998, as amended at 80 FR 8247, Feb. 17, 2015; 81 FR 12377, Mar. 8, 2016]