24 CFR § 982.605 - SRO: Housing quality standards.

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§ 982.605 SRO: Housing quality standards.
Link to an amendment published at 88 FR 30503, May 11, 2023.

(a) HQS standards for SRO. The HQS in § 982.401 apply to SRO housing. However, the standards in this section apply in place of § 982.401(b) (sanitary facilities), § 982.401(c) (food preparation and refuse disposal), and § 982.401(d) (space and security). Since the SRO units will not house children, the housing quality standards in § 982.401(j), concerning lead-based paint, do not apply to SRO housing.

(b) Performance requirements.

(1) SRO housing is subject to the additional performance requirements in this paragraph (b).

(2) Sanitary facilities, and space and security characteristics must meet local code standards for SRO housing. In the absence of applicable local code standards for SRO housing, the following standards apply:

(i) Sanitary facilities.

(A) At least one flush toilet that can be used in privacy, lavatory basin, and bathtub or shower, in proper operating condition, must be supplied for each six persons or fewer residing in the SRO housing.

(B) If SRO units are leased only to males, flush urinals may be substituted for not more than one-half the required number of flush toilets. However, there must be at least one flush toilet in the building.

(C) Every lavatory basin and bathtub or shower must be supplied at all times with an adequate quantity of hot and cold running water.

(D) All of these facilities must be in proper operating condition, and must be adequate for personal cleanliness and the disposal of human waste. The facilities must utilize an approvable public or private disposal system.

(E) Sanitary facilities must be reasonably accessible from a common hall or passageway to all persons sharing them. These facilities may not be located more than one floor above or below the SRO unit. Sanitary facilities may not be located below grade unless the SRO units are located on that level.

(ii) Space and security.

(A) No more than one person may reside in an SRO unit.

(B) An SRO unit must contain at least one hundred ten square feet of floor space.

(C) An SRO unit must contain at least four square feet of closet space for each resident (with an unobstructed height of at least five feet). If there is less closet space, space equal to the amount of the deficiency must be subtracted from the area of the habitable room space when determining the amount of floor space in the SRO unit. The SRO unit must contain at least one hundred ten square feet of remaining floor space after subtracting the amount of the deficiency in minimum closet space.

(D) Exterior doors and windows accessible from outside an SRO unit must be lockable.

(3) Access.

(i) Access doors to an SRO unit must have locks for privacy in proper operating condition.

(ii) An SRO unit must have immediate access to two or more approved means of exit, appropriately marked, leading to safe and open space at ground level, and any means of exit required by State and local law.

(iii) The resident must be able to access an SRO unit without passing through any other unit.

(4) Sprinkler system. A sprinkler system that protects all major spaces, hard wired smoke detectors, and such other fire and safety improvements as State or local law may require must be installed in each building. The term “major spaces” means hallways, large common areas, and other areas specified in local fire, building, or safety codes.