24 CFR § 982.618 - Shared housing: Housing quality standards.

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§ 982.618 Shared housing: Housing quality standards.
Link to an amendment published at 88 FR 30504, May 11, 2023.

(a) Compliance with HQS. The PHA may not give approval to reside in shared housing unless the entire unit, including the portion of the unit available for use by the assisted family under its lease, meets the housing quality standards.

(b) Applicable HQS standards. The HQS in § 982.401 apply to assistance in shared housing. However, the HQS standards in this section apply in place of § 982.401(d) (space and security).

(c) Facilities available for family. The facilities available for the use of an assisted family in shared housing under the family's lease must include (whether in the family's private space or in the common space) a living room, sanitary facilities in accordance with § 982.401(b), and food preparation and refuse disposal facilities in accordance with § 982.401(c).

(d) Space and security: Performance requirements.

(1) The entire unit must provide adequate space and security for all its residents (whether assisted or unassisted).


(i) Each unit must contain private space for each assisted family, plus common space for shared use by the residents of the unit. Common space must be appropriate for shared use by the residents.

(ii) The private space for each assisted family must contain at least one bedroom for each two persons in the family. The number of bedrooms in the private space of an assisted family may not be less than the family unit size.

(iii) A zero or one bedroom unit may not be used for shared housing.