24 CFR § 982.626 - Homeownership option: Initial requirements.

§ 982.626 Homeownership option: Initial requirements.

(a) List of initial requirements. Before commencing homeownership assistance for a family, the PHA must determine that all of the following initial requirements have been satisfied:

(1) The family is qualified to receive homeownership assistance (see § 982.627);

(2) The unit is eligible (see § 982.628); and

(3) The family has satisfactorily completed the PHA program of required pre-assistance homeownership counseling (see § 982.630).

(b) Additional PHA requirements. Unless otherwise provided in this part, the PHA may limit homeownership assistance to families or purposes defined by the PHA, and may prescribe additional requirements for commencement of homeownership assistance for a family. Any such limits or additional requirements must be described in the PHA administrative plan.

(c) Environmental requirements. The PHA is responsible for complying with the authorities listed in § 58.6 of this title requiring the purchaser to obtain and maintain flood insurance for units in special flood hazard areas, prohibiting assistance for acquiring units in the coastal barrier resources system, and requiring notification to the purchaser of units in airport runway clear zones and airfield clear zones. In the case of units not yet under construction at the time the family enters into the contract for sale, the additional environmental review requirements referenced in § 982.628(e) of this part also apply, and the PHA shall submit all relevant environmental information to the responsible entity or to HUD to assist in completion of those requirements.

[63 FR 23865, Apr. 30, 1998, as amended at 72 FR 59938, Oct. 22, 2007]

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