24 CFR § 982.636 - Homeownership option: Portability.

§ 982.636 Homeownership option: Portability.

(a) General. A family may qualify to move outside the initial PHA jurisdiction with continued homeownership assistance under the voucher program in accordance with this section.

(b) Portability of homeownership assistance. Subject to § 982.353(b) and (c), § 982.552, and § 982.553, a family determined eligible for homeownership assistance by the initial PHA may purchase a unit outside of the initial PHA's jurisdiction, if the receiving PHA is administering a voucher homeownership program and is accepting new homeownership families.

(c) Applicability of Housing Choice Voucher program portability procedures. In general, the portability procedures described in §§ 982.353 and 982.355 apply to the homeownership option and the administrative responsibilities of the initial and receiving PHA are not altered except that some administrative functions (e.g., issuance of a voucher or execution of a tenancy addendum) do not apply to the homeownership option.

(d) Family and PHA responsibilities. The family must attend the briefing and counseling sessions required by the receiving PHA. The receiving PHA will determine whether the financing for, and the physical condition of the unit, are acceptable. The receiving PHA must promptly notify the initial PHA if the family has purchased an eligible unit under the program, or if the family is unable to purchase a home within the maximum time established by the PHA.

(e) Continued assistance under § 982.637. Such continued assistance under portability procedures is subject to § 982.637.

[65 FR 55163, Sept. 12, 2000, as amended at 80 FR 8247, Feb. 17, 2015]

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