24 CFR § 984.202 - Program Coordinating Committee (PCC).

§ 984.202 Program Coordinating Committee (PCC).

(a) General. Each participating PHA must establish a PCC whose functions will be to assist the PHA in securing commitments of public and private resources for the operation of the FSS program within the PHA's jurisdiction, including assistance in developing the Action Plan and in implementing the program.

(b) Membership -

(1) Required membership. The PCC must: (i) For a public housing FSS program, consist of representatives of the PHA, and the residents of public housing. The public housing resident representatives shall be solicited from one or more of the following groups:

(A) An area-wide or city-wide resident council, if one exists;

(B) If the PHA will be transferring FSS participants to vacant units in a specific public housing development, the resident council or resident management corporation, if one exists, of the public housing development where the public housing FSS program is to be carried out;

(C) Any other public housing resident group, which the PHA believes is interested in the FSS program, and would contribute to the development and implementation of the FSS program; and

(ii) For a Section 8 FSS program, consist of representatives of the PHA, and of residents assisted under the section 8 rental certificate or rental voucher program or under HUD's public or Indian housing programs.

(2) Recommended membership. Membership on the PCC also may include representatives of the unit of general local government served by the PHA, local agencies (if any) responsible for carrying out JOBS training programs, or programs under the JTPA, and other organizations, such as other State, local or tribal welfare and employment agencies, public and private education or training institutions, child care providers, nonprofit service providers, private business, and any other public and private service providers with resources to assist the FSS program.

(c) Alternative committee. The PHA may, in consultation with the chief executive officer of the unit of general local government served by the PHA, utilize an existing entity as the PCC if the membership of the existing entity consists or will consist of the individuals identified in paragraph (b)(1) of this section, and also includes individuals from the same or similar organizations identified in paragraph (b)(2) of this section.