24 CFR § 990.135 - Eligible unit months (EUMs).

§ 990.135 Eligible unit months (EUMs).

(a) A PHA's total number of EUMs will be calculated for the 12-month period from July 1st to June 30th that is prior to the first day of the applicable funding period, and will consist of eligible units as defined in § 990.140, § 990.145, or § 990.150.


(1) The determination of whether a public housing unit satisfies the requirements of § 990.140, § 990.145, or § 990.150 for any unit month shall be based on the unit's status as of either the first or last day of the month, as determined by the PHA.

(2) HUD reserves the right to determine the status of any and all public housing units based on information in its information systems.

(c) The PHA shall maintain and, at HUD's request, shall make available to HUD, specific documentation of the status of all units, including, but not limited to, a listing of the units, street addresses or physical address, and project/management control numbers.

(d) Any unit months that do not meet the requirements of this subpart are not eligible for operating subsidy, and will not be subsidized by the Operating Fund.