24 CFR Subpart B - Subpart B—Affordable Housing Activities

  1. § 1000.101 What is affordable housing?
  2. § 1000.102 What are eligible affordable housing activities?
  3. § 1000.103 How may IHBG funds be used for tenant-based or project-based rental assistance?
  4. § 1000.104 What families are eligible for affordable housing activities?
  5. § 1000.106 What families receiving assistance under title II of NAHASDA require HUD approval?
  6. § 1000.108 How is HUD approval obtained by a recipient for housing for non-low-income families and model activities?
  7. § 1000.110 Under what conditions may non-low-income Indian families participate in the program?
  8. § 1000.112 How will HUD determine whether to approve model housing activities?
  9. § 1000.114 How long does HUD have to review and act on a proposal to provide assistance to non-low-income families or a model housing activity?
  10. § 1000.116 What should HUD do before declining a proposal to provide assistance to non low-income families or a model housing activity?
  11. § 1000.118 What recourse does a recipient have if HUD disapproves a proposal to provide assistance to non-low-income families or a model housing activity?
  12. § 1000.120 May a recipient use Indian preference or tribal preference in selecting families for housing assistance?
  13. § 1000.122 May NAHASDA grant funds be used as matching funds to obtain and leverage funding, including any Federal or state program and still be considered an affordable housing activity?
  14. § 1000.124 What maximum and minimum rent or homebuyer payment can a recipient charge a low-income rental tenant or homebuyer residing in housing units assisted with NAHASDA grant amounts?
  15. § 1000.126 May a recipient charge flat or income-adjusted rents?
  16. § 1000.128 Is income verification required for assistance under NAHASDA?
  17. § 1000.130 May a recipient charge a non low-income family rents or homebuyer payments which are more than 30 percent of the family's adjusted income?
  18. § 1000.132 Are utilities considered a part of rent or homebuyer payments?
  19. § 1000.134 When may a recipient (or entity funded by a recipient) demolish or dispose of current assisted stock?
  20. § 1000.136 What insurance requirements apply to housing units assisted with NAHASDA grants?
  21. § 1000.138 What constitutes adequate insurance?
  22. § 1000.139 What are the standards for insurance entities owned and controlled by recipients?
  23. § 1000.140 May a recipient use grant funds to purchase insurance for privately owned housing to protect NAHASDA grant amounts spent on that housing?
  24. § 1000.141 What is “useful life” and how is it related to affordability?
  25. § 1000.142 How does a recipient determine the “useful life” during which low-income rental housing and low-income homebuyer housing must remain affordable as required in sections 205(a)(2) and 209 of NAHASDA?
  26. § 1000.143 How does a recipient implement its useful life requirements?
  27. § 1000.144 What are binding commitments satisfactory to HUD?
  28. § 1000.145 Are Mutual Help homes developed under the 1937 Act subject to the useful life provisions of section 205(a)(2)?
  29. § 1000.146 Are binding commitments for the remaining useful life of property applicable to a family member or household member who subsequently takes ownership of a homeownership unit?
  30. § 1000.147 When does housing qualify as affordable housing under NAHASDA?
  31. § 1000.150 How may Indian tribes and TDHEs receive criminal conviction information on applicants for employment and on adult applicants for housing assistance, or tenants?
  32. § 1000.152 How is the recipient to use criminal conviction information?
  33. § 1000.154 How is the recipient to keep criminal conviction information confidential?
  34. § 1000.156 Is affordable housing developed, acquired, or assisted under the IHBG program subject to limitations on cost or design standards?
  35. § 1000.158 How will a NAHASDA grant recipient know that the housing assisted under the IHBG program meets the requirements of § 1000.156?
  36. § 1000.160 Are non-dwelling structures developed, acquired or assisted under the IHBG program subject to limitations on cost or design standards?
  37. § 1000.162 How will a recipient know that non-dwelling structures assisted under the IHBG program meet the requirements of 1000.160?