25 CFR § 11.801 - Procedure on appeal.

§ 11.801 Procedure on appeal.

(a) An appeal must be taken within 15 days from the judgment appealed from by filing a written notice of appeal with the clerk of the court.

(b) The notice of appeal shall specify the party or parties taking the appeal, shall designate the judgment, or part thereof appealed from, and shall contain a short statement of reasons for the appeal. The clerk of the court shall mail a copy of the notice of appeal to all parties other than parties taking the appeal.

(c) In civil cases, other parties shall have 15 days to respond to the notice of appeal.

(d) In civil cases, the appellant may request the trial division to stay the judgment pending action on the notice of appeal, and, if the appeal is allowed, either party may request the trial division to grant or stay an injunction pending appeal. The trial division may condition a stay or injunction pending appeal on the depositing of cash or bond sufficient to cover damages awarded by the court together with interest.