25 CFR § 141.35 - Pawnbroker disclosure requirements.

§ 141.35 Pawnbroker disclosure requirements.

In all transactions in which pawn is taken the lender shall give the borrower a written ticket or receipt disclosing the following information to the extent applicable:

(a) Clear identification of the property pledged.

(b) The date of the transaction.

(c) Amount of the loan.

(d) Name and social security or census number of the pledgor.

(e) Replacement value of the pawn as agreed upon by the pledgor and pledgee.

(f) Date on which loan is due.

(g) The amount, expressed as a dollar amount, of any finance charges.

(h) The finance charges expressed as an annual percentage rate and computed in accordance with the provisions of 12 CFR 226.5(b).

(i) The amount, or method of computing the amount, of any charges to be assessed after the date the loan is due.

(j) A statement of the conditions of default and the pledgor's rights upon default, as defined by this part.

(k) Identification of the method of computing any unearned portion of the finance charges in the event of prepayment of the obligation.