25 CFR § 162.313 - Are there mandatory provisions that a residential lease must contain?

§ 162.313 Are there mandatory provisions that a residential lease must contain?

(a) All residential leases must identify:

(1) The tract or parcel of land being leased;

(2) The purpose of the lease and authorized uses of the leased premises;

(3) The parties to the lease;

(4) The term of the lease;

(5) The ownership of permanent improvements and the responsibility for constructing, operating, maintaining, and managing permanent improvements under § 162.315; and

(6) Payment requirements and late payment charges, including interest.

(b) Where a representative executes a lease on behalf of an Indian landowner or lessee, the lease must identify the landowner or lessee being represented and the authority under which the action is taken.

(c) All residential leases must include the following provisions:

(1) The obligations of the lessee to the Indian landowners are also enforceable by the United States, so long as the land remains in trust or restricted status;

(2) There must not be any unlawful conduct, creation of a nuisance, illegal activity, or negligent use or waste of the leased premises;

(3) The lessee must comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, rules, regulations, and other legal requirements under § 162.014;

(4) If historic properties, archeological resources, human remains, or other cultural items not previously reported are encountered during the course of any activity associated with this lease, all activity in the immediate vicinity of the properties, resources, remains, or items will cease and the lessee will contact BIA and the tribe with jurisdiction to determine how to proceed and appropriate disposition;

(5) BIA has the right, at any reasonable time during the term of the lease and upon reasonable notice in accordance with § 162.364, to enter the leased premises for inspection and to ensure compliance; and

(6) BIA may, at its discretion, treat as a lease violation any failure by the lessee to cooperate with a BIA request to make appropriate records, reports, or information available for BIA inspection and duplication.

(d) Unless the lessee would be prohibited by law from doing so, the lease must also contain the following provisions:

(1) The lessee holds the United States and the Indian landowners harmless from any loss, liability, or damages resulting from the lessee's use or occupation of the leased premises; and

(2) The lessee indemnifies the United States and the Indian landowners against all liabilities or costs relating to use, handling, treatment, removal, storage, transportation, or disposal of hazardous materials, or release or discharge of any hazardous material from the leased premises that occurs during the lease term, regardless of fault, with the exception that the lessee is not required to indemnify the Indian landowners for liability or cost arising from the Indian landowners' negligence or willful misconduct.

(e) We may treat any provision of a lease document that violates Federal law as a violation of the lease.