25 CFR § 167.15 - Control of livestock disease and introduction of livestock.

§ 167.15 Control of livestock disease and introduction of livestock.

(a) The District Grazing Committees with the approval of the Superintendent shall require livestock to be dipped, vaccinated, inspected and be restricted in movement when necessary to prevent the introduction and spread of contagious or infectious disease in the economic interest of the Navajo stock owners. Upon the recommendation of the District Grazing Committee livestock shall be dipped annually when such dipping is necessary to prevent the spread of contagious diseases. These annual dippings shall be completed on or before September 1st each year. Livestock, however, may be dipped at other times when necessary. The Superintendent or his authorized representative and the District Grazing Committee may also require the rounding up of cattle, horses, mules, etc., in each District for the purpose of inspection for disease, vaccinating, branding and other related operations.

(b) No livestock shall be brought onto the Reservation without a permit issued by the Superintendent or his authorized representative following inspection, in order to safeguard Indian livestock from infections and contagious disease and to insure the introduction of good quality sires and breeding stock.

(c) Any unusual disease conditions beyond the control measures provided herein shall be immediately reported by the District Grazing Committee to the Chairman of the Navajo Tribal Council and the Superintendent who shall attempt to obtain specialists and provide emergency funds to control and suppress the disease.