25 CFR § 168.14 - Livestock trespass.

§ 168.14 Livestock trespass.

The owner of any livestock grazing in trespass on the Hopi Partitioned Lands Area is liable to a civil penalty of $1 per head per day for each animal in trespass, together with the replacement value of the forage consumed and a reasonable value for damages to property injured or destroyed. The Superintendent may take appropriate action to collect all such penalties and damages and seek injunctive relief when appropriate. All payments for such penalties and damages shall be credited to the Tribe. The following acts are prohibited:

(a) The grazing upon or driving across any of the Hopi Partitioned Lands of any livestock without an approved grazing or crossing permit;

(b) Allowing livestock to drift and graze on lands without an approved permit;

(c) The grazing of livestock upon lands within an area closed to grazing of that class of livestock;

(d) The grazing of livestock by permittees upon any land withdrawn from use for grazing purpose to protect it from damage, after the receipt of notice from the Area Director; and

(e) Grazing livestock in excess of those numbers and kinds authorized on a livestock grazing permit approved by the Area Director.