25 CFR § 168.8 - Grazing fees.

§ 168.8 Grazing fees.

(a) The rental value of all uses of Hopi Partitioned lands by persons who are not members of the Hopi Tribe, including eligible holders of interim permits, will be determined, and assessed by the Area Director and paid in accordance with 25 U.S.C. 640d-15.

(b) The Hopi Tribe has established an annual grazing fee to be assessed all range users on Hopi Partitioned Lands. The annual Hopi grazing fee shall be paid in full in advance of the annual effective date of the permit, prior to the issuance of a grazing permit. All interim permits will expire at the end of the period provided for completion of relocation, Pub. L. 99-190. Failure of the permittee to make payment in full in advance will be cause to deny issuance of the grazing permit.

[47 FR 39817, Sept. 10, 1982, as amended at 51 FR 23052, June 25, 1986]