25 CFR § 217.6 - Method of casting votes.

§ 217.6 Method of casting votes.

Within 30 days after an issue and any analysis provided for in §§ 217.4 and 217.5 have been submitted to the joint managers for resolution, they shall each notify the superintendent in writing of the number of votes cast for and against the proposed or alternative solutions. If either of the joint managers fails or refuses to cast his votes and to notify the superintendent thereof within the time specified, the superintendent may conclude that such joint managers' votes have been cast against the proposed solution or solutions; or, if no solutions have been proposed, for the maintenance of the status quo. At the time they notify the superintendent of the votes cast on an issue, each joint manager shall furnish to the superintendent a certified copy of a resolution of the business committee or the board of directors, as the case may be, authorizing such vote.