25 CFR § 248.1 - Fishing sites subject to regulation.

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§ 248.1 Fishing sites subject to regulation.

Use of any of the lands acquired by the Secretary of War and transferred to the Secretary of the Interior pursuant to the Act of March 2, 1945 (59 Stat. 22), as amended (hereinafter called “in lieu fishing sites” or “sites”) to replace Indian fishing grounds submerged or destroyed as a result of the construction of the Bonneville Dam shall be subject to the rules and regulations in this part. The Regional Director, Northwest Regional Office, Bureau of Indian Affairs (hereinafter called “Area Director”), may suspend or withdraw the privileges of access to or use of any or all the sites for any violation of the regulations in this part or of any rules issued pursuant to the regulations in this part.

[32 FR 3945, Mar. 10, 1967, as amended at 85 FR 73193, Nov. 17, 2020]