25 CFR § 273.117 - What are the powers and duties of the Indian Education Committee?

§ 273.117 What are the powers and duties of the Indian Education Committee?

Consistent with the purpose of the Indian Education Committee, each such Committee is vested with the authority to undertake the activities in paragraphs (a) through (d) of this section.

(a) Participate fully in the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of all programs, including both supplemental and operational support, conducted under a contract or contracts pursuant to this part. Such participation includes further authority to:

(1) Recommend curricula, including texts, materials, and teaching methods to be used in the contracted program or programs;

(2) Approve budget preparation and execution;

(3) Recommend criteria for employment in the program;

(4) Nominate a reasonable number of qualified prospective educational programmatic staff members from which the contractor would be required to select; and

(5) Evaluate staff performance and program results and recommend appropriate action to the contractor.

(b) Approve and disapprove all programs to be contracted under this part. All programs contracted require the prior approval of the appropriate Indian Education Committee.

(c) Secure a copy of the negotiated contract(s) that includes the program(s) approved by the Indian Education Committee.

(d) Recommend cancellation or suspension of a contract(s) under § 273.194.

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