25 CFR § 273.133 - What is the process for review and decision?

§ 273.133 What is the process for review and decision?

Upon receiving a contract proposal, the approving official will:

(a) Notify the applicant in writing that the contract proposal has been received, within 14 days after receiving the contract proposal.

(b) Review the contract proposal for completeness and request, within 20 days after receiving the contract proposal, any additional information from the applicant which will be needed to reach a decision.

(c) On receiving the contract proposal for operational support, make a formal written determination and findings supporting the need for such funds. In arriving at such a determination, the approving official must be assured that each local education agency has made a good faith effort in computing State and local contributions without regard to funds requested.

(d) Assess the completed contract proposal to determine if the proposal is feasible and if the proposal complies with the appropriate requirements of the Johnson-O'Malley Act and this part.

(e) Approve or disapprove the contract proposal after fully reviewing and assessing the application and any additional information submitted by the applicant.

(f) Promptly notify the applicant in writing of the decision to approve or disapprove the contract proposal.

(g) If the contract proposal is disapproved, the notice will give the reasons for disapproval and the applicant's right to appeal pursuant to subpart K of this part.