25 CFR § 273.195 - May a contract be cancelled for cause?

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§ 273.195 May a contract be cancelled for cause?

(a) Any contract may be cancelled for cause when the contractor fails to perform the work called for under the contract or fails to permit an Indian Education Committee to perform its duties.

(b) Before cancelling the contract, the BIE Director will provide the contractor with written notice, including:

(1) The reasons why the Bureau is considering cancelling the contract; and

(2) The contractor will be given an opportunity to bring its work up to an acceptable level.

(c) If the contractor does not overcome the deficiencies in its contract performance, the Bureau will cancel the contract for cause. The Bureau will notify the contractor, in writing, of the cancellation. The notice will give the reasons for the cancellation and the right of the contractor to appeal under subpart K of this part.

(d) When a contract is cancelled for cause, the Bureau will attempt to perform the work by another contract.

(e) Any contractor that has a contract cancelled for cause must demonstrate that the cause(s) that led to the cancellation have been remedied before it will be considered for another contract.