25 CFR § 286.11 - Management and technical assistance.

§ 286.11 Management and technical assistance.

(a) Prior to and concurrent with the making of a grant to finance an Indian economic enterprise, the Assistant Secretary - Indian Affairs will insure that competent management and technical assistance is available to the grantee in the preparation of the application for a grant and/or administration of the funds granted, consistent with the grantee's knowledge and experience and the nature and complexity of the economic enterprise being financed. The competence of the management and technical assistance provided will be determined by the local agency superintendent after consultation with the applicant concerning his business needs.

(b) The lender providing the loan funds under § 286.17(b) to finance an economic enterprise will include with the grantee's application the need for equity capital, the lender's evaluation of the applicant's need for management and technical assistance, specific areas of need and whether the lender will provide such assistance to the applicant.

[39 FR 44748, Dec. 27, 1974. Redesignated at 47 FR 13328, Mar. 30, 1982, as amended at 55 FR 36274, Sept. 5, 1990]