25 CFR § 310.6 - Conditions.

§ 310.6 Conditions.

No article may carry the Government mark of genuineness for Alaskan Eskimo hand-made products unless all of the following conditions are met:

(a) The article is hand-made by an Alaskan Eskimo.

(b) The article is hand-made under conditions not resembling a workshop or factory system.

(c) All raw materials used in the making of the articles are of native origin except:

(1) Commercial fasteners.

(2) Calfskin trimmings for decorative borders on parkas and mukluks.

(3) Tops for mukluks made of commercial fabric.

(4) Commercially made draw-cords for mukluks.

(5) Commercial fabrics for parka linings.

(6) Sewing thread and glass beads.