25 CFR § 33.2 - Policy.

§ 33.2 Policy.

It is the policy of the Department of the Interior that:

(a) Indian control of Indian affairs in all matters relating to education shall be facilitated.

(b) Authority to perform education functions shall be delegated directly from the Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs to the Director, Office of Indian Education Programs.

(c) Administrative authority shall be compatible with program authorities; and, both shall be delegated to the operating level to assure efficient and effective delivery of education services to Indian children, youth, and adults.

(d) The Director, Office of Indian Education Programs shall supervise the operation of Indian education program personnel at the Arena, Agency, and the three Bureau of Indian Affairs post-secondary institutions.

(e) Indian Education program functions to be performed at the Area office level shall include those dealing with higher education, Johnson-O'Malley aid to non-Bureau schools, off-reservation boarding schools, those education program operations serving tribes from more than one Agency except those at the three post-secondary institutions, on-reservation education functions located at an Agency where no educational personnel are assigned, education contract operations, and adult education.