25 CFR 37.100 - What is the purpose of this part?

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§ 37.100 What is the purpose of this part?

(a) This part:

(1) Establishes procedures for confirming, establishing, or revising attendance areas for each Bureau-funded school;

(2) Encourages consultation with and coordination between and among all agencies (school boards, tribes, and others) involved with a student's education; and

(3) Defines how tribes may develop policies regarding setting or revising geographic attendance boundaries, attendance, and transportation funding for their area of jurisdiction.

(b) The goals of the procedures in this part are to:

(1) Provide stability for schools;

(2) Assist schools to project and to track current and future student enrollment figures for planning their budget, transportation, and facilities construction needs;

(3) Adjust for geographic changes in enrollment, changes in school capacities, and improvement of day school opportunities; and

(4) Avoid overcrowding or stress on limited resources.