25 CFR § 43.4 - Annual notification of rights.

§ 43.4 Annual notification of rights.

(a) Each educational institution to which this part applies and which maintains records on students shall inform parents or eligible students of the rights given them by this part.

(b) In meeting the requirement in paragraph (a) of this section the educational institution shall give notice to parents and eligible students at least annually of the following:

(1) The types of education records and information contained in them which are directly related to students and maintained by the institution.

(2) The name and position of the official responsible for maintaining each type of record, the persons who have access to those records, and the purpose for which they have access.

(3) The policies of the institution for reviewing and expunging those records.

(4) The procedures established by the institution under § 43.5.

(5) The procedures for challenging the content of education records including those in § 43.10.

(6) The cost, if any, which will be charged to the parent or eligible student for reproducing copies of records under § 43.5.

(7) The categories of information which the institution has designated as “directory information” under § 43.20.

(c) The notice given to a parent or eligible student under this section shall be in a language considered by the institution to be understandable by the parent or eligible student.