25 CFR § 43.7 - Access rights.

§ 43.7 Access rights.

The right of access specified in § 43.5 shall include:

(a) The right to obtain a list of the types of student records which are maintained by the institution.

(b) The right to inspect and review the content of those records.

(c) The right to obtain copies of those records, the cost, if any, not to exceed the actual cost to the educational institution of reproducing the copies.

(d) The right to a response from the institution to reasonable requests for explanations and interpretations of those records.

(e) The right to an opportunity for a hearing to challenge the content of records.

(f) If any material or document in the record of a student includes information on more than one student, the right to inspect and review only that portion of such material or document as relates to that particular student or to be informed of the specific information contained in such part of such materials.