25 CFR 502.7 - Electronic, computer or other technologic aid.

(a)Electronic, computer or other technologic aid means any machine or device that:

(1) Assists a player or the playing of a game;

(2) Is not an electronic or electromechanical facsimile; and

(3) Is operated in accordance with applicable Federal communications law.

(b) Electronic, computer or other technologic aids include, but are not limited to, machines or devices that:

(1) Broaden the participation levels in a common game;

(2) Facilitate communication between and among gaming sites; or

(3) Allow a player to play a game with or against other players rather than with or against a machine.

(c) Examples of electronic, computer or other technologic aids include pull tab dispensers and/or readers, telephones, cables, televisions, screens, satellites, bingo blowers, electronic player stations, or electronic cards for participants in bingo games.

[ 67 FR 41172, June 17, 2002]