25 CFR § 543.14 - What are the minimum internal control standards for patron deposit accounts and cashless systems?

§ 543.14 What are the minimum internal control standards for patron deposit accounts and cashless systems?

(a) Supervision. Supervision must be provided as needed for patron deposit accounts and cashless systems by an agent(s) with authority equal to or greater than those being supervised.

(b) Patron deposit accounts and cashless systems.

(1) Smart cards cannot maintain the only source of account data.

(2) Establishment of patron deposit accounts. The following standards apply when a patron establishes an account.

(i) The patron must appear at the gaming operation in person, at a designated area of accountability, and present valid government issued picture identification; and

(ii) An agent must examine the patron's identification and record the following information:

(A) Type, number, and expiration date of the identification;

(B) Patron's name;

(C) A unique account identifier;

(D) Date the account was opened; and

(E) The agent's name.

(3) The patron must sign the account documentation before the agent may activate the account.

(4) The agent or cashless system must provide the patron deposit account holder with a secure method of access.

(c) Patron deposits, withdrawals and adjustments.

(1) Prior to the patron making a deposit or withdrawal from a patron deposit account, the agent or cashless system must verify the patron deposit account, the patron identity, and availability of funds. A personal identification number (PIN) is an acceptable form of verifying identification.

(2) Adjustments made to the patron deposit accounts must be performed by an agent.

(3) When a deposit, withdrawal, or adjustment is processed by an agent, a transaction record must be created containing the following information:

(i) Same document number on all copies;

(ii) Type of transaction, (deposit, withdrawal, or adjustment);

(iii) Name or other identifier of the patron;

(iv) The unique account identifier;

(v) Patron signature for withdrawals, unless a secured method of access is utilized;

(vi) For adjustments to the account, the reason for the adjustment;

(vii) Date and time of transaction;

(viii) Amount of transaction;

(ix) Nature of deposit, withdrawal, or adjustment (cash, check, chips); and

(x) Signature of the agent processing the transaction.

(4) When a patron deposits or withdraws funds from a patron deposit account electronically, the following must be recorded:

(i) Date and time of transaction;

(ii) Location (player interface, kiosk);

(iii) Type of transaction (deposit, withdrawal);

(iv) Amount of transaction; and

(v) The unique account identifier.

(5) Patron deposit account transaction records must be available to the patron upon reasonable request.

(6) If electronic funds transfers are made to or from a gaming operation bank account for patron deposit account funds, the bank account must be dedicated and may not be used for any other types of transactions.

(d) Variances. The operation must establish, as approved by the TGRA, the threshold level at which a variance must be reviewed to determine the cause. Any such review must be documented.