25 CFR § 700.135 - Relocation assistance advisory services.

§ 700.135 Relocation assistance advisory services.

(a) General. The Commission may carry out a relocation assistance advisory program which offers the services described in paragraph (b) of this section. If the Commission determines that a person occupying habitations and/or improvements adjacent to the habitations and/or improvements acquired pursuant to the Act is caused substantial social, economic cultural or other injury because of such acquisition, it may offer such services to such person.

(b) Services to be provided. The advisory program will include such measures, facilities, and services as may be necessary or appropriate in order to -

(1) Personally interview where possible each certified eligible head of household to determine his/her relocation needs and preferences, and explain to him/her the relocation payments and other assistance for which he/she may be eligible, the related eligibility requirements, and the procedures for obtaining such payments and assistance;

(2) Provide current and continuing information on the availability, purchase prices, and rental costs of replacement dwellings and commercial and farm properties and locations, as the case may be.

(3) Assure that replacement dwellings are available to all certified eligible heads of households.

(4) Assist any persons displaced from a business or farm operation to obtain and become established in a suitable replacement location;

(5) Supply persons to be displaced with appropriate information concerning Tribal, Federal, State or local housing programs, disaster loans and other programs administered by the Small Business Administration, and other Federal or State programs offering assistance to persons to be displaced;

(6) Endeavor to minimize the adverse social, economic, cultural and other hardships and impacts of relocation on persons involved in adjusting to such relocation.

(c) Coordination of relocation activities. The Commission shall, to the maximum extent feasible, coordinate its relocation assistance advisory services activities with existing local, state, federal and Tribal agencies to the extent necessary to enable it to carry out its program. Referrals of displaced persons for services to existing services providers will be utilized whenever possible.

(d) Policy. The Commission shall continue to provide assistance to a family, individual, business concern, non-profit organization, or farm operation until relocation has been achieved unless section § 700.139 becomes applicable.

(e) Reasons for terminating assistance. In general, the circumstances under which the Commission's relocation obligations cease are the following:

(1) Two years have elapsed since the family or individual has moved to a decent, safe and sanitary replacement dwelling and has received all assistance payments to which entitled.

(2) All reasonable efforts to trace a family or individual have failed.

(3) The family or individual on his/her own initiative moves to substandard housing and has refused reasonable offers of additional assistance in moving to a decent, safe and sanitary replacement dwelling.

(4) The business concern, farm operation, or non-profit organization has received all assistance and payments to which it is entitled, and has either been successfully relocated or ceased operations.

(5) Other relevant reasons as determined by the Commission.