25 CFR § 700.145 - Payments to estates.

§ 700.145 Payments to estates.

(a) Relocation benefits can be paid to the estate of a deceased Certified Eligible Head of Household under the following circumstances:

(1) If there is no household requiring relocation pursuant to the Act surviving the deceased head of household:

(i) Compensation for the habitation and other improvements owned by the deceased head of household and the cost of removing personal property from the acquired habitation and other improvements shall be paid to the estate of a deceased head of household, or as otherwise directed by a court of competent jurisdiction.

(ii) No replacement housing benefit or assistance payment (bonus) shall be paid under this circumstance.

(2) Replacement housing benefits may be paid to an estate only when a certified eligible head of household was qualified for such a housing payment pursuant to the Act and signed a Relocation Contract but died before the replacement housing was occupied. The estate of a certified eligible head of household who had not signed a Relocation Contract at the time of his/her death is not eligible for payment of a replacement housing benefit.

(b) If one of a married couple who was a certified eligible head of household dies, the surviving spouse may be paid the same relocation assistance benefits, including replacement housing payments, which the couple would have received had death not occurred. If there is no surviving spouse, a court of competent jurisdiction may appoint a guardian to act for minor members of the household. The Commission shall deal with such guardian and any members of the household who have attained their majority in a manner to effect relocation of the remaining household under these regulations.

[47 FR 17988, Apr. 27, 1982]