25 CFR § 700.205 - Eligibility requirements.

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§ 700.205 Eligibility requirements.

A certified eligible head of household is eligible for the assistance payment pursuant to section 14(b) of the Act.

(a)Amount of payment. The amount of payment shall be computed in accordance with the schedule provided for in section 14(b) of the Act.

(b)Date for determination of amount of assistance payment. The date of completion and filing with the Commission of the Application for Relocation Assistance and Agreement to Relocate shall be the date used for determination of the amount of the assistance payment.

(c)Time of payment. Assistance payments provided for in this section shall only be paid upon actual occupancy of the replacement dwelling and vacation of the acquired habitation and/or improvement, if any, in the area partitioned to the Tribe of which he/she is not a member.