25 CFR § 700.453 - Definitions.

§ 700.453 Definitions.

(a) Act means Pub. L. 93-531 (88 Stat. 1712, 25 U.S.C. 640d), as amended.

(b) Applicant means with respect to this subpart, any applicant as defined under § 700.457(c) or § 700.459(b).

(c) Business means any lawful activity, except a nonprofit organization, that is -

(1) Conducted primarily for the purchase, sale, lease and/or rental of personal and/or real property, and/or for the manufacture, processing, and/or marketing of products, commodities, and/or any other personal property; or

(2) Conducted primarily for the sale of services to the public.

(d) Commissioners means the three Commissioners of the Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission.

(e) In-kind contribution means a noncash contribution as described in attachment F of OMB Circular A-102.

(f) Local government means a local unit of government including specifically a county, municipality, city, town, township, local public authority, special district, council of governments, and other regional or interstate entity, or any agency or instrumentality of a local government.

(g) Nonprofit organization means a corporation, partnership, individual, or other public or private entity that is engaged in a lawful business, professional, or instructional activity on a nonprofit basis and that has established its nonprofit status under applicable Federal, State, or Tribal law.

(h) Related facilities means any building or structure normally found in a community and includes but is not limited to water, sewer and electrical lines, community centers, health centers and clinics, roads, and business establishments.

(i) Services means activities relating to human development including, but not limited to, educational and job training, mental health counseling, health care, and technical assistance in business administration, agriculture, and home economics.

(j) Tribe means the Navajo Chapter or the Hopi Village.

(k) Tribal subdivision means a Navajo Chapter or a Hopi Village.