25 CFR § 81.48 - When are the results of the OIWA Election final?

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§ 81.48 When are the results of the OIWA Election final?

(a) If a challenge is sustained and has an effect on the outcome of the election, the Authorizing Official must authorize a recount or call for a new Secretarial election. The Authorizing Official will take the appropriate steps necessary to provide for a recount or a new Secretarial election.

(b) If the challenges are denied or dismissed, the Authorizing Official will review and determine whether:

(1) The percentage of total votes cast was at least 30 percent, or such percentages as may be required according to the tribe's governing document's amendment or adoption articles; and

(2) The voters ratified or rejected the proposed document, proposed amendment or revocation.

(c) The Authorizing Official must notify, in writing, the recognized governing body of the tribe, and the Director of the Bureau, of the following:

(1) The decisions on challenges;

(2) The outcome of the voting; and

(3) That the proposed document, proposed amendments or revocation becomes effective as of the date of the Secretarial election; and

(4) That the decision is a final agency action.

(d) The Authorizing Official must:

(1) Forward the original text of the document, Original Certificate of Approval, and the Certificate of Results of Election to the tribe and a copy of all documents to the Director of the Bureau; and

(2) Retain, as required by the Records Disposition Schedule, a copy of all document(s) relevant to the Secretarial election.

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