25 CFR § 89.43 - Procedures.

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§ 89.43 Procedures.

The information collection requirements contained in this section do not require approval by the Office of Management and Budget under 44 U.S.C. 3051 et seq., because it is anticipated there will be fewer than 10 respondents annually.

(a) A tribe or other organization seeking funds under § 89.41 shall submit a written request through the Agency Superintendent and the Area Director, including

(1) A detailed statement describing the nature and scope of the problems for which legal services are sought;

(2) A statement of the terms, including total anticipated costs, of the requested legal services contract;

(3) A current financial statement and a statement that the tribe does not possess sufficient tribal funds or assets to pay for all or a part of the legal services sought; and

(4) A statement of why the matter must be handled by a private attorney as opposed to Department of Justice or Department of Interior attorneys.

All requests shall be considered by a committee consisting of the Deputy Assistant Secretary - Indian Affairs (Policy), or his delegate, the Director of the Office of Trust Responsibilities in BIA or his delegate, and the Associate Solicitor - Indian Affairs or his delegate.

(b) If two of the three committee members recommend approval of a tribe's request, the request, along with the committee's recommendation, shall be submitted to the Assistant Secretary for final determination after consultation with and the advice of the Solicitor. The committee's recommendation shall indicate the amount of funds recommended to assist the tribe, the hourly rate allowed, the maximum amount permitted to be expended in the recommended action and the tribal contributions, if any. The Assistant Secretary shall approve the request only with the concurrence of the Solicitor.

(c) The requirements imposed by this policy are supplementary to those contained in all existing regulations dealing with attorney contracts with Indian tribes and, in particular, those contained in parts 88 and 89 of this title.