26 CFR § 1.1502-98 - Coordination with section 383.

§ 1.1502-98 Coordination with section 383.

The rules contained in §§ 1.1502-91 through 1.1502-96 also apply for purposes of section 383, with appropriate adjustments to reflect that section 383 applies to credits and net capital losses. For example, subgroups with respect to the carryover of general business credits, minimum tax credits, unused foreign tax, and net capital loss are determined by applying the principles of § 1.1502-91(d)(1). Similarly, in the case of net capital losses, general business credits, and excess foreign taxes that are pre-change attributes, § 1.383-1 applies the principles of §§ 1.1502-91 through 1.1502-96. For example, if a loss group has an ownership change under § 1.1502-92 and has a carryover of unused general business credits from a pre-change consolidated return year to a post-change consolidated return year, the amount of the group's regular tax liability for the post-change year that can be offset by the carryover cannot exceed the consolidated section 383 credit limitation for that post-change year, determined by applying the principles of §§ 1.383-1(c)(6) and 1.1502-93 (relating to the computation of the consolidated section 382 limitation).

[T.D. 8824, 64 FR 36174, July 2, 1999, as amended by T.D. 8884, 65 FR 33760, May 25, 2000]