26 CFR § 1.408-5 - Annual reports by trustees or issuers.

§ 1.408-5 Annual reports by trustees or issuers.

(a) In general. The trustee of an individual retirement account or the issuer of an individual retirement annuity shall make annual calendar year reports concerning the status of the account or annuity. The report shall contain the information required in paragraph (b) and be furnished or filed in the manner and time specified in paragraph (c).

(b) Information required to be included in the annual reports. The annual calendar year report shall contain the following information for transactions occurring during the calendar year -

(1) The amount of contributions;

(2) The amount of distributions;

(3) In the case of an endowment contract, the amount of the premium paid allocable to the cost of life insurance;

(4) The name and address of the trustee or issuer; and

(5) Such other information as the Commissioner may require.

(c) Manner and time for filing.

(1) The annual report shall be furnished to the individual on whose behalf the account is established or in whose name the annuity is purchased (or the beneficiary of the individual or owner). The report shall be furnished on or before the 30th day of June following the calendar year for which the report is required.

(2) The Commissioner may require the annual report to be filed with the Service at the time the Commissioner specifies.

(d) Penalties. Section 6693 prescribes penalties for failure to file the annual report.

(e) Effective date. This section shall apply to reports for calendar years after 1978.

(f) Reports for years prior to 1979. For years prior to 1979, a trustee or issuer shall make reports in the time and manner as the Commissioner requires.

[T.D. 7714, 45 FR 52795, Aug. 8, 1980]