26 CFR § 301.6802-1 - Supply and distribution.

§ 301.6802-1 Supply and distribution.

(a) Postmaster General. The Commissioner shall furnish to the Postmaster General, without prepayment, a suitable quantity of adhesive stamps (other than the stamps on playing cards), coupons, tickets, or such other devices as may be prescribed pursuant to section 6302(b) (authorizing a discretionary method for collecting certain specified taxes) or chapter 69 of the Code, to be distributed to, and kept on sale by, the various postmasters in the United States in all post offices of the first and second classes, and such post offices of the third and fourth classes as are located in county seats or Postmaster General as necessary.

(b) Designated depositary of the United States. The district director for the district in which any designated depositary of the United States is located shall furnish to such designated depositary, without prepayment, a suitable quantity of adhesive stamps to be kept on sale by the designated depositary.

(c) State agents. Any person who is duly appointed and acting as agent of any State for the sale of stock transfer stamps of such State may make application to the district director for the district in which the State agent is located, to be designated for the purpose of being furnished without prepayment, for sale, stamps to be used in payment of the tax imposed by section 4301. The application shall contain the location and post office address of the State agent, and the maximum amount of stamps he desires to maintain on hand. A copy of the agent's appointment as State agent should be attached to the application.

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