27 CFR § 13.71 - Informal conferences.

§ 13.71 Informal conferences.

(a) General. As part of a timely filed written appeal of a notice of denial, a notice of proposed revocation, or a decision to revoke a certificate, an applicant or certificate holder may file a written request for an informal conference with the appropriate TTB officer deciding the appeal.

(b) Informal conference procedures. The appropriate TTB officer and the applicant or certificate holder will agree upon a date for an informal conference. The informal conference is for purposes of discussion only, and no transcript shall be made. If the applicant or certificate holder wishes to rely upon arguments, facts, or evidence presented at the informal conference, he or she has 10 days after the date of the conference to incorporate such arguments, facts, or evidence in a written submission to the appropriate TTB officer.

[T.D. ATF-449, 66 FR 19086, Apr. 13, 2001]