27 CFR 17.111 - General.

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§ 17.111 General.

(a) Bonds on TTB Form 5154.3 shall be terminated by the appropriate TTB officer, as to liability on drawback allowed after a specified future date, in the following circumstances:

(1) Pursuant to a notice by the surety as provided in § 17.112.

(2) Following approval of a superseding bond, as provided in § 17.108.

(3) Following notification by the principal of an intent to discontinue the filing of claims on a monthly basis.

(b) However, the bond shall not be terminated until all outstanding liability under it has been discharged. Upon termination, the appropriate TTB officer shall mark the bond “canceled,” followed by the date of cancellation, and shall issue a notice of termination of bond. A copy of this notice shall be given to the principal and to each surety.

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