27 CFR 17.125 - Adoption of formulas and processes.

§ 17.125 Adoption of formulas and processes.

(a)Adoption of predecessor's formulas. If there is a change in the proprietorship of a nonbeverage plant and the successor desires to use the predecessor's formulas at the same location, the successor may, in lieu of submitting new formulas in its own name, adopt any or all of the formulas of the predecessor by filing a notice of adoption with the appropriate TTB officer. The notice shall be filed with the first claim relating to any of the adopted formulas. The notice shall list, by name and serial number, all formulas to be adopted, and shall state that the products will be manufactured in accordance with the adopted formulas and processes. The notice shall be accompanied by a certified copy of the articles of incorporation or other document(s) necessary to prove the transfer of ownership. The manufacturer shall retain a copy of the notice with the related formulas.

(b)Adoption of manufacturer's own formulas from a different location. A manufacturer's own formulas may be adopted for use at another of the manufacturer's plants. Further, a wholly owned subsidiary may adopt the formulas of the parent company, and vice versa. A letterhead notice must be filed with the appropriate TTB officer and be accompanied by two photocopies of each formula to be adopted. The notice shall list the numbers of all formulas to be adopted and shall indicate the plant where each was originally approved and the plant(s) where each is to be adopted. Some evidence of the relationship between the plants involved in the adoption shall be attached to the notice. The notice shall be referenced in Part IV of the supporting data (TTB Form 5154.2) filed with the first claim relating to the adopted formula(s).

[T.D. ATF-179, 61 FR 31412, June 20, 1996, as amended by T.D. ATF-436, 66 FR 5471, Jan. 19, 2001]
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