27 CFR 17.147 - Supporting data.

§ 17.147 Supporting data.

(a) Each claim for drawback shall be accompanied by supporting data presented according to the format shown on TTB Form 5154.2, Supporting Data for Nonbeverage Drawback Claims (or according to any other suitable format which provides the same information). Modifications of Form 5154.2 may be used without prior authorization, if the modified format clearly shows all of the required information that is pertinent to the manufacturing operation. Under § 17.123, the appropriate TTB officer may require additional supporting data when needed to determine the correctness of drawback claims.

(b) Separate data shall be shown for eligible distilled spirits taxpaid at different effective tax rates. This requirement applies to all eligible spirits, including eligible recovered alcohol and eligible spirits contained in intermediate products.

(c) Separate data shall be shown for imported rum, spirits from Puerto Rico containing at least 92% rum, and spirits from the U.S. Virgin Islands containing at least 92% rum. The total number of proof gallons of each such category used subject to drawback during the claim period shall also be shown, with separate totals for each effective tax rate. These amounts shall include eligible spirits and rum from intermediate products or recovered alcohol.

(d) Any gain in eligible distilled spirits reported in the supporting data shall be reflected by an equivalent deduction from the amount of drawback claimed. Gains shall not be offset by known losses.