27 CFR 17.167 - Inventories.

§ 17.167 Inventories.

(a)Distilled spirits. The “on hand” figures reported in Part II of TTB Form 5154.2 shall be verified by physical inventories taken as of the end of each quarter in which nonbeverage products were manufactured for purposes of drawback. Spirits taxpaid at different effective tax rates shall be inventoried separately. The inventory record shall show the date inventory was taken, the person(s) by whom it was taken, subtotals for each product inventoried, and any gains or losses disclosed; and shall be retained with the manufacturer's records. The manufacturer shall explain in Part IV of the supporting data (Form 5154.2) any discrepancy between the amounts on hand as disclosed by physical inventory and the amounts indicated by the manufacturer's records. Any gain in eligible spirits disclosed by inventory requires an equivalent deduction from the claim with which the inventory is reported. Gains shall not be offset by known losses. If no claim is filed for a quarter (nor for any monthly period therein), then no physical inventory is required for that quarter.

(b)Raw ingredients and nonbeverage products. When necessary for ensuring compliance with regulations and protection of the revenue, the appropriate TTB officer may require a manufacturer to take physical inventories of finished nonbeverage products, and/or raw ingredients intended for use in the manufacture of nonbeverage or intermediate products. The results of such inventories shall be recorded in the manufacturer's records. Any discrepancy between the amounts on hand as disclosed by physical inventory and such amounts as indicated by the manufacturer's records shall also be recorded with an explanation of its cause.

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