27 CFR § 19.475 - Spirits for industrial use.

§ 19.475 Spirits for industrial use.

(a) Containers. A proprietor may fill denatured spirits or other spirits for industrial use into suitable containers. The proprietor must ensure that all containers for spirits that will be used in food products comply with applicable U.S. Food and Drug Administration health and safety laws and regulations.

(b) Encased containers. A proprietor may encase unlabeled containers of denatured spirits and other spirits for industrial use in wood, fiberboard or similar material if:

(1) The cases are constructed so that the surface, including the opening of the container, is not exposed;

(2) Required marks are applied to an exterior surface of the case;

(3) The case is constructed so that the portion containing marks will remain attached to the inner container until all the contents have been removed; and

(4) A statement reading, “Do not remove inner container until emptied” or a statement of similar meaning appears on the portion of the case bearing the marks.

(c) Cases. With the exception of encased containers covered in paragraph (b) of this section, if the containers for denatured spirits and spirits for industrial use have a capacity of not more than 1 gallon, the proprietor must place the containers in cases that provide reasonable protection against breakage.

(26 U.S.C. 5206, 5301)