27 CFR § 19.616 - Records of samples.

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§ 19.616 Records of samples.

(a) Required records. A proprietor must maintain records of all samples taken under §§ 19.434 and 19.435. The sample record must show the:

(1) The date that the samples were taken;

(2) The account from which taken;

(3) The purpose for which taken;

(4) The size and number of samples taken;

(5) The kind of spirits;

(6) The disposition of each sample (for example, destroyed, returned to containers or the distilling system, retained for library purposes); and

(7) The name and address of the recipient of the sample if a sample is to be analyzed or tested elsewhere than at the distilled spirits plant where taken.

(b) Sample schedule. When a proprietor takes samples pursuant to an established schedule, the proprietor may maintain the schedule as the required record if it contains the information required by paragraphs (a)(2) through (a)(7).

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