27 CFR § 19.621 - Transfer record—consignee's responsibility.

§ 19.621 Transfer record—consignee's responsibility.

(a) When a proprietor receives wine by transfer in bond from a bonded wine cellar as the consignee, that proprietor must complete the transfer record covering the transfer in accordance with § 24.284 of this chapter.

(b) When a proprietor receives spirits from an alcohol fuel plant or from customs custody, or receives spirits, denatured spirits, and wines from the bonded premises of another distilled spirits plant as the consignee, that proprietor must record the results of the receipt by including the following on the related transfer record:

(1) The date of receipt;

(2) A notation that the securing devices on the conveyance were, or were not, intact on arrival (not applicable to denatured spirits or spirits transferred in unsecured conveyances);

(3) The gauge of spirits, denatured spirits, or wine showing the tank number, proof (percent of alcohol by volume for wine) and specifications of the weight or volumetric determination of quantity, wine gallons or proof gallons received, and any losses or gains;

(4) A notation of any excessive in-transit loss, missing packages, tampering, or apparent theft;

(5) The account into which the spirits, denatured spirits, or wines were deposited (that is, production, storage or processing); and

(6) The signature and title of the consignee proprietor, with a penalty-of-perjury statement as prescribed in § 19.45.

(c) When spirits are transferred from customs custody as provided in subpart P of this part, the transfer record must contain the information specified in § 27.138 of this chapter.